Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

I had a few moments of thinking that I did not want to put up the Christmas tree this year, figuring that I would then be spending my holiday season playing interference between Charlotte and the ornaments.  However, I realized that if I didn't put it up this year, how many years would I not put up our tree for fear of little hands playing with fragile decorations? And, what would happen as Charlotte got older and wanted a tree, yet there were maybe other little ones around?  I quickly came to my senses and decided the tree is a must this year.

The morning after Thanksgiving, while Charlotte was napping, I hustled to get the fall decorations up and Ben pulled in the tree.  We were able to get the tree up, the lights turned on, and the floor vacuumed before Charlotte was up.  While Ben went in to get her from her nap, I joked to my sister-in-law and her husband that I thought Charlotte might be more interested in the vacuum that was still out than the tree, but we had the video camera out and ready to capture her response.

Ben brought Charlotte out and took her to the tree.  She just looked at it for a moment, touched a light or two, and walked away.  Not shocking, she then walked over to the vacuum and gave it the once over.  Charlotte is not to fond of the vacuum cleaner when it is turned on, so now was a chance to see it close up.  We thought that was it and she was over it.  We turned off our camera and everyone resumed what we were doing before, but what happened next surprised us all.

Charlotte had gone back into her room, opened the drawer in her changing table, reached up and found her sunglasses (which prior to this, she had never put on herself, or kept on for more than 2.7 seconds), placed the sunglasses right on her face, walked back out to the living room, and stopped directly in front of the tree.  There she was, in her pink Christmas footed pajamas with her sunglasses on staring up at the tree, taking it all in.  She looked so little compared to the big tree, yet at the same time I could not believe how big my baby was getting. 

It is a picture that I hope will stay in my mind forever, but am fearful of losing it since sadly we did not snap a picture or capture it on video.  We were all so surprised we just stood and watched her.  Her response to the tree was perfectly perfect for my Charlotte.

That day also marked the day that she began to love wearing her sunglasses. Because who doesn't wear sunglasses and multiple necklaces with their jammies for breakfast?

Monday, December 12, 2011


I am averaging about a month behind on updating this blog, so here is Thanksgiving and as I am writing this I am sure our Christmas lights will come on (at least we aren't running a month behind in life in general).

We spent Thanksgiving with Ben's family, which was so fun.  We were at our house for Thanksgiving because we didn't have the full feast until Saturday after, so Caitlin and Eli could come up and join.  On Thanksgiving Day, the three of us woke up and watched the parade for a bit.  I was so excited that Charlotte already thought it was fun to watch!  Then we spend the day with Allie and Eric and Ben's parents joined us for dinner.  We ate, played games, went to the park, and watched football.

Friday afternoon we headed out to Granbury for the parade and to walk around the shops.  Again, Charlotte was totally into the parade.  Then, Saturday we had a relaxing day that ended with the big turkey dinner and the last part of the Baylor game!  On a side note, our turkey did in fact weigh more that Charlotte!

You will probably notice a reoccurring accessory of Charlotte's in the photos below.  Yes, she is loving her necklaces! 

 Charlie's Turkey Day Onesie...  Thanks again Julie!
 Crazy hair!

 Caitlin and Eli have arrived!

Silly little peanut!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh October!

October has been a fun, full month.  It has included two trips to the pumpkin patch, one afternoon of decorating pumpkins, one costume party (Happy birthday to Beau), one trunk or treat, and one night of trick or treating, which included all of one house! 

The first trip to the pumpkin patch, I think actually happened the last weekend of September, but we went with Grandpa, Grandma, Allie, and Eric.  It was so fun.  They had little red wagons there to use as you pick up your pumpkins and Charlotte loved riding in the wagon; however, she did not like any pumpkins in there with her.  Every time we put a pumpkin in she would throw it off the side, as long as she could lift it.

Katie's mom sent us these adorable plastic faces that you stick into the pumpkin, no craving, scooping, or mess... perfect for a one year old!  Here is Charlotte with her bear and pig!
 Yes, Ben dressed her in orange and black to be festive!
Our precious little cowgirl right before we headed out to go to the costume party!  I was so proud of her ability to walk in her real cowgirl boots!
Round two at the pumpkin patch.  This time we went with Nana, Sarah, and Brooks.  Also, Sally, Beau, Ava, and Sally's mom were at the patch too, with some families from their church.  They had quite a few animals to walk around and see, but Charlotte was just too interested in walking around and being out of her stroller to enjoy the animals too much.  Here are the few pictures I actually got of Charlotte seeming interested in the animals. 

 This is the best picture I got of the four kiddos. 
Charlotte at trunk or treat we helped at at a local elementary school.  She got to play a little bit before all the kids came in, but she LOVED it when they came.  She sat and handed out little erasers to the kids one at a time for a half hour.  She thought she was big time.  It was adorable! 

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of her on actual Halloween.  I am not sure what I was thinking.  Maybe it was that it was her third time in the costume or maybe it was that she went to one house, whatever the reason I am a little sad I didn't have any.  Oh well, there will be next year and maybe we will make it to more than one house. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Charlotte's Birthday Party

Charlotte's party was this past Saturday.  I spent many nap times prior to it working on the little details of it, like the decorations, her outfit, the invites, etc, so I was so excited to finally see it all together, as we celebrated my little Bug!

The party was wonderful!  I loved celebrating Charlotte's first year with family and friends.  We had so much fun and am so thankful to be surrounded by so many great people!  Here is a glimpse into the afternoon...

Some of the Decor Pre-Party...
Charlotte's Many Faces
 The birthday girl in her "1" onesie...

The Favors, which were fun sprinkle cookies and a cd of Charlotte's favorite songs...
 This pic just makes me happy because of all the sprinkles

Charlotte & her Cupcake...
I love this picture... its like Beau is telling Charlotte how to dive in
Charlotte just wanted the icing again. Apparently she isn't that into cake.

The Snacks & Cake...

Opening some Gifts...

The End...

I can't believe the weekend is over and that my baby girl is 1!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Charlotte Joy!

Today started out like a fairly typical day with the exception of a few decorations and singing Charlotte "Happy Birthday".  We played, ate breakfast, and she took nap.  After her nap came a little more playing with Aunt Sarah and cousin Brooks, who were over for a short trip.

Then Sarah and Brooks had to leave, but Ben came home to get us and take us on a lunch date.  We had Chick Fil-A since that was our first meal after she was born.  She was such a funny girl today, waving to everyone, dipping her cheerios in her yogurt, and making silly faces when she wanted more ice cream cone.

Dipping her Cheerio into her yogurt

We did a quick run by the grocery to get a few things for dinner, which meant we were in the car for her birthday moment at 1:40, but we sang her "happy birthday" for the 13th time today.  Once we were home, she and I rocked for a while and then she had a nap. 

After her nap, it was time for my water baby to go for a swim!  Sadly the TCU pool wouldn't let us it... family hours aren't until the weekend now that school's started :( Instead we went to our old apartment.  I spent countless hours in that pool last summer, so it did seem right that that is where we should swim. 

We arrived home to find that Grandpa and Grandma Connelly had stopped by to see the big girl.  She opened her presents from Ben and me.

Then our little family of three sat down for dinner, which ended with a funfetti cupcake.  She loved the frosting and sprinkles.  When a little tiny sprinkle would roll off the cupcake onto her tray, Charlotte would pick the individual sprinkle and put it in her mouth.  It took a while for her to dive into the actual cake part, and then she keep handing me parts of the cake.  When all was said and done she ate about half a cupcake and then got a long, much-needed bath!  My little one year old is now sleeping soundly in her crib after story and prayers.  

It is so crazy to think through what my day was like a year ago and what it has become today! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Little Painter Who Could

I am just going to say it... I love Pinterest!  I also love random, cheap art projects and I love putting up things in my house with story and meaning.  So what better project than Charlotte painting something to possibly put up in her room or a play room down the road.  However, I didn't think she was old enough for it yet. Cue Pinterest... this is where I saw a photo of a one year old boy painting and thought might as well let Charlie Bear give it a try.

I got it all ready for her to paint when she woke up from her nap.  By the way, no I was not worried about Charlotte getting paint on the grass.  She does not really enjoy the grass and by that I mean she cries until she can crawl her way out of it, hence the need for the tarp.  

 Mistake one on my part, I probably should have given her a snack prior to painting.  First thing she does tries to eat the paint, which quickly leads to her crying because now she has paint in her mouth and an empty tummy.  (Don't worry I got kid's paint, she was fine.) 

 Eventually she got going a little bit more and liked to try her dance- kick moves on the canvas, as seen below. 
But, overall try one did not ended up in extreme success.  I knew she could enjoy it more if I had planned it better time wise.  As soon as I started to clean up the paint I realized if she had her pacifier in her mouth, she wouldn't try to put paint in her mouth.  

So this afternoon, after she ate a great lunch and had a full belly, I thought she was ready to try it again.  She loved it!  Charlotte only spent a fraction of the time actually putting paint on the canvas and the rest the time she was just playing with and in the paint.  It was so fun to watch.  

She thought she was hilarious!  Today was a messy, screaming, laughing success!  Here the is little painter admiring her work...