Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

I had a few moments of thinking that I did not want to put up the Christmas tree this year, figuring that I would then be spending my holiday season playing interference between Charlotte and the ornaments.  However, I realized that if I didn't put it up this year, how many years would I not put up our tree for fear of little hands playing with fragile decorations? And, what would happen as Charlotte got older and wanted a tree, yet there were maybe other little ones around?  I quickly came to my senses and decided the tree is a must this year.

The morning after Thanksgiving, while Charlotte was napping, I hustled to get the fall decorations up and Ben pulled in the tree.  We were able to get the tree up, the lights turned on, and the floor vacuumed before Charlotte was up.  While Ben went in to get her from her nap, I joked to my sister-in-law and her husband that I thought Charlotte might be more interested in the vacuum that was still out than the tree, but we had the video camera out and ready to capture her response.

Ben brought Charlotte out and took her to the tree.  She just looked at it for a moment, touched a light or two, and walked away.  Not shocking, she then walked over to the vacuum and gave it the once over.  Charlotte is not to fond of the vacuum cleaner when it is turned on, so now was a chance to see it close up.  We thought that was it and she was over it.  We turned off our camera and everyone resumed what we were doing before, but what happened next surprised us all.

Charlotte had gone back into her room, opened the drawer in her changing table, reached up and found her sunglasses (which prior to this, she had never put on herself, or kept on for more than 2.7 seconds), placed the sunglasses right on her face, walked back out to the living room, and stopped directly in front of the tree.  There she was, in her pink Christmas footed pajamas with her sunglasses on staring up at the tree, taking it all in.  She looked so little compared to the big tree, yet at the same time I could not believe how big my baby was getting. 

It is a picture that I hope will stay in my mind forever, but am fearful of losing it since sadly we did not snap a picture or capture it on video.  We were all so surprised we just stood and watched her.  Her response to the tree was perfectly perfect for my Charlotte.

That day also marked the day that she began to love wearing her sunglasses. Because who doesn't wear sunglasses and multiple necklaces with their jammies for breakfast?

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  1. She wears sunglasses! That's huge! Nothing stays on around here:(

    We haven't see you guys in what feels like forever, play date soon? Maybe after the New Year and I'll convince Sarah to come nap on the couch while we play with her babies? Okay!